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About us


HEX-INK is a clothing company based on the artwork of Los Angeles based artist Shoghi Castel de Oro. Hex-ink is artist owned and operates out of the DTLA arts district. After 10 years in animation for feature films, Shoghi left to fully pursue his dreams to share his vision with the world. 
   The imagery printed on each piece of clothing is meant to cast a spell upon the viewer. Everyone seems to see something slightly different. Every piece of clothing can have colors changed or inverted to adjust to the wearers personality~ Free of charge, just ask before you order!
We hope to inspire and intrigue those around you. Create a hex and freeze some ink!
To quote the artist:
"These images are what I found at the razor's edge of my consciousness, the way I connect with the version of myself I left in Atlantis. I hope this imagery will help you connect with the hex. A hex is not a curse, it is simply a shape or the number 6. A snowflake, a crystal's edges, a star, a honeycomb,or the pole on Saturn.
How will you redefine your hex ?"